Company Profile

Kwun Shing Offset Printing Limited was well established in Hong Kong since 1994. KS embraces a professional printing team and an effective management to expand the market from local to international within a few years. Our customers come from various countries including the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Most of our customers have a high reputation in the market and with a famous global brand name. Our experience has proved that our effort in developing our international market are in return of keeping a very close relationship with and gaining confidence from our customers.

Our company vision is to deliver a high quality of printing to our customers. We want our customers get more from KS than they expected. We put our customers of first priority and try our best to deliver a high profile of product and service to our customers. In order to maintain our international printing standard, KS keeps up with the most advanced technology so as to maintain a high and qualified standard of printing.

KS specializes in producing hangtags and labels, catalogue, brochure, pamphlet/booklet, company's letterhead and memo, plastic bag, festival packaging bag or box such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter and New Year gift bag and box and other related jobs. We always make our utmost effort to assure our quality and make you satisfactory.